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Product Liability

As a consumer, you have the right to assume that the products you buy are safe and are fit to be used as designed. The modern design process is so complicated and expensive. It is the manufacturer that has the expertise necessary to investigate the safety of the products it releases for sale. It is also the manufacturer who benefits from these sales. When a manufacturer provides a product that is not safe and an injury results, the manufacturer is responsible. Although historically product liability cases involved general goods and the providers mechanical devices, medical devices, prescription medications, services and even credit cards have been sued for damages caused by their products. If you think you have a case, contact one of our knowledgeable Champaign personal injury lawyers now to discuss your situation.

Premises Liability

Lawyers who love the law love premises liability. Liability in these situations can be straightforward. This is rare. More often than not, determining fault requires a thorough review of hundreds of pages of applicable building codes, property maintenance codes, state codes and city codes. It can also include the review of a defendant’s city inspection reviews as well as the defendant’s own reports, notes and correspondence. Although this is tedious to some, finding a smoking gun buried in a foot-high stack of paper can be rewarding.

Rental Liability

Generally, the law in Illinois provides little help to renters who are injured on rented property. The law considers the renter the owner during the rental period. Consequently, the burdens of ownership are shifted from the owner to the renter. Fortunately, there are specific laws in the state of Illinois that offer some protection for renters who are injured. This is especially true for apartment rentals. Many cities in Illinois also provide extra protections for renters. These protections specifically and thoroughly cover apartment rentals. Many rentals also have common areas which are not rented and are still under the complete control of the owner. It is the owner’s duty to make sure that these areas are safe. If you think you have a claim as a renter, contact a liability attorney at Petty Law Office immediately.

Slip and Fall/Hidden Defects

As experienced slip and fall attorneys, we know that there are dangers on nearly every property in the state of Illinois. Some of these dangers are obvious and easy to avoid. Others are hidden and can easily cause serious injury. Despite the danger, some property owners fail to remedy these dangers. Occasionally, these property owners will have others onto their property and fail to give warning of the danger. The law in Illinois recognizes how easy it is to warn someone of danger and how hard it is to discover all of the hidden dangers on someone else’s property. As a result, people injured by hidden dangers have the right to have the guilty landowner pay for any injuries as a result of the landowner’s negligence. If you have been injured, call one of our experienced Champaign slip and fall lawyers today.

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