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Our attorneys know that raising a child is not easy. In order to provide the best possible life for their kids, many parents have one, and sometimes two or more, jobs. In the case of a working parent, the task of providing for and caring for a child can be all consuming. Even with the best parenting, children can be harmed, like adults, through the negligence of another.

When a child has a serious injury, they require even more care than usual. Providing this extra care can test the strength of any person and leave them in a vulnerable position. The last thing a parent in this position needs is an extra headache. Don't go through it alone; call our firm today for a case evaluation!

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It is this unfortunate position that parents of injured children find themselves in when trying to deal with an insurer. Insurers are aware that the recently injured child likely has an exhausted parent. Under a guise of sympathy a skilled Insurance representative can have a case settled out on the cheap before a child’s doctors even have a prognosis. As a parent, the responsible thing to do in these situations is to get help from a Champaign child injury lawyer.

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